Scenthound Franchise vs. Aussie Pet Mobile Franchise: How They Compare

Business Model and Services

Scenthound: Scenthound franchises focus on the holistic health and wellness of dogs, offering a membership-based model that encourages recurring revenue. Their services are centered around routine care, including bathing, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and teeth brushing. Scenthound’s physical locations provide a stable, community-oriented business presence.

Aussie Pet Mobile: In contrast, Aussie Pet Mobile offers a mobile pet business that brings convenience directly to the customer’s doorstep. Our business model eliminates the need for a costly brick-and-mortar location, focusing on flexibility and convenience. Services include customizable grooming, brushing, and pampering, tailored to each pet’s needs and delivered from our cage-free, fully equipped Mercedes sprinter vans by our well-trained staff of groomers.

Investment and Costs

Scenthound: The Scenthound franchise cost involves initial franchise fees, build-out costs for a physical location, and ongoing operational expenses. The brand’s focus on routine care provides a predictable revenue stream, with membership models fostering customer loyalty and repeat business.

Aussie Pet Mobile: The initial investment for an Aussie Pet Mobile franchise might be lower, given the absence of a physical site. However, costs associated with purchasing and maintaining mobile grooming units are pivotal. The mobile model offers scalability, allowing you to expand your fleet based on demand.

 ScenthoundAussie Pet Mobile
Franchise fee$49,900$19,950
Initial investment$311,174-$485,624$180,385-$203,210
Net requirement$500,000$300,000
Cash requirement$150,000$100,385-$123,210
Royalty fee6%4%-7%

Source: Entrepreneur

Both Scenthound and Aussie Pet Mobile offer discount incentives to qualified veterans —Scenthound offers 10% off the first unit franchise fee and 15% off the franchise and territory fees. Aussie Pet Mobile offers 15% initial franchise fees and also provides up to $80,000 of in-house financing to qualified franchise candidates.

Market and Demand

Scenthound: The demand for routine dog care is robust, with pet owners increasingly recognizing the importance of regular maintenance for their furry friends’ health. Scenthound’s model appeals to this growing market, offering essential services that cater to a broad demographic of dog owners.

Aussie Pet Mobile: The convenience of mobile pet grooming is a significant draw, especially for busy pet owners or those seeking personalized service at their doorstep. This model taps into the growing trend of at-home services, appealing to a market segment that values convenience and flexibility.

Support and Training

Scenthound: Scenthound provides comprehensive training and ongoing support to franchisees, covering aspects of business operation, marketing, and service provision. Their structured approach is designed to ensure consistency and quality across all locations.

Aussie Pet Mobile: Aussie Pet Mobile also offers extensive training and support, focusing on mobile operation, customer service, and grooming techniques. Our support system is geared toward helping franchisees maximize their mobile business’s potential.

Growth and Scalability

Scenthound: The scalability of a Scenthound franchise is tied to opening new locations and expanding the customer base within each community. The model’s reliance on physical locations means that growth is somewhat linear, tied to the ability to manage and operate multiple sites.

Aussie Pet Mobile: With Aussie Pet Mobile, scalability can be more dynamic. Adding new mobile units allows for rapid expansion without the need for additional real estate, making it possible to scale the business quickly in response to demand.

Get on the Road with Aussie Pet Mobile

As the  #1 pet grooming franchise  on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500®, Aussie Pet Mobile continues expanding with enthusiastic, animal-loving entrepreneurs who can appreciate the sustainability of our business model and the need for our services in the bustling pet care marketplace. If you’re drawn to a flexible, mobile business that can scale quickly and meet customers where they are, Aussie Pet Mobile could be right for you. To learn more about what makes Aussie Pet Mobile an ideal franchise opportunity, inquire now.

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