The Industry

The Mobile Pet Grooming Industry

Pet ownership is a beloved American tradition. An estimated 70% of Americans, or 96 million homes, own a pet, according to the American Pet Products Association (APPA) National Pet Owners Survey. As part of the $11.8 billion pet grooming and boarding industry, the mobile pet grooming industry is destined to keep growing with no end in sight. In fact, over the past 5 years, the market size of the Pet Grooming industry increased faster than the economy overall!

Millions More Pampered Pets

In 2021, Americans spent a total of $123.6 billion caring for the furriest members of their families, according to the nonprofit APPA. The mobile pet grooming industry is expected to continue growing due in part to the surge in pet ownership over the last few years. According to Arizton, the U.S. dog grooming market is estimated to double from $3 billion to $6 billion by 2026. Now more than ever, pet parents consider their dogs and cats family. Pampering for pets is on the rise.

Thousands of Business Opportunities

Pet owners buy trendy fashions, gourmet treats, and holiday gifts for their beloved pets and increasingly see grooming services as a necessity. Many invest in their pets’ well-being and care consistently and don’t mind spending extra money for premium pet grooming services. The mobile pet grooming industry is also seeing a significant increase in pet ownership among millennials, Gen Z’ers who are looking for time-savings and aging baby boomers.  

Why It’s A Good Time to Get in On the Pet Industry

With current trends, there’s a positive outlook for the pet industry. It is also resilient to economic fluctuations, adding an extra layer of security for those looking to invest. For potential franchise owners, this is an opportune time to enter a market that is not only profitable, but also offers the satisfaction of enhancing the lives of pets and pet owners.

Whether you’re passionate about pets or looking for a resilient business opportunity that aligns with your values and goals, the pet industry offers a promising future for a thriving business that taps into ongoing trends and meets the needs of pet owners seeking the best for their beloved, furry companions.

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