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Pet Franchise: A Guide to Choosing the Right Business Opportunity

Thinking about investing in a pet franchise? Many options exist. Learn more about the pros and cons of each, so you can decide which is the best opportunity for you.

The Pet Care Industry Today

Despite the pandemic and economic downturns, the U.S. pet care industry continues to grow. Millions of Americans brought home new four-legged family members during the onset of the pandemic, with 67% of households now including at least one pet. From food to vet visits to grooming and more, caring for these beloved fur babies is a priority for pet parents across the country. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), dog owners spend an average of $1,380/year on their dogs, helping the pet industry thrive.

While many factors have contributed to the increased interest in pet pampering, the fact is that pet owners are prioritizing the care and well-being of their pets beyond vet check-ups. Consumers are opting for better quality food, high-end toys and accessories, and a variety of grooming options to best suit their pets and their own lifestyles.

Pet franchises can be incredibly lucrative, but with recent surges and signs of stable growth, it’s also a highly competitive marketplace. As such, it’s imperative that you provide a product or service that stands out and offers consumers and their pets something that they can’t find with other businesses. A strong franchise model with a unique approach will help you stand out from the pack.

Pet Food Franchise

In 2020, there was an 18% (or $5.65 billion) increase in the amount of money Americans spent on food for their pets, according to Pet Keen, and it remains the highest-selling category in the pet care market. No matter what state the economy is in, pet parents prioritize high quality, healthful dog foods that can similarly mirror their human’s diets. Foods with fresh or organic ingredients, superfoods, whole grains, and high proteins are some of the pet food sources that have caught on in a big way in recent years. According to a Packaged Foods survey, pet owners are open to the idea of trying new foods for their animals, with 42% of those surveyed are drawn to the concept of refrigerated and fresh-made foods.

As a product-focused pet franchise, your business will require a significant amount of inventory and either a storefront or a storage location for online operations, which contributes to ongoing overhead costs. Any unsold inventory, particularly foods containing fresh ingredients and nearing expiration dates, will also cut into your bottom line.

Because pet parents are mindful of what they’re feeding their four-legged family members, brand stability and a solid reputation are essential to a pet food franchise’s success. Food recalls, questionable practices, or any other type of bad press can halt a brand in its tracks, even if your particular locations are running your business aboveboard. In order to protect your investment, it’s essential that you thoroughly vet any brands you may consider investing with.

Pet Boarding Franchise

Whether doggie daycare or overnight “camp,” this pet franchise model puts animals in the care of trusted professionals and appeals most to pet parents with busy or high-travel lifestyles. These facilities are meant to serve as pets’ home away from home, so they must be operated with a level of care comparable to what the pets would receive in their own homes.

In this way, a dog boarding operation will require a different set of responsibilities than other pet care businesses. In addition to simply sheltering pets, your staff and facility will need to be equipped to provide beds, food and water, exercise, play, bathroom functionality, and emergency care. From dealing with behavioral issues to health emergencies, a properly trained and 24/7 staff is the most essential element to running a successful dog boarding business.

Boarding facilities usually require a larger space with more square footage than a pet grooming operation. The upside to this is that you can use all that space to assist rescue organizations, temporarily housing pets in need as they transition to permanent, loving homes. Ideally, this results in cross-promotion for your business. By providing shelter and helping secure adoption for animals in need through your customer network, you’ll drum up goodwill and interest in the community. The downside is that operating on a larger scale will require more capital, and you are unlikely to see quick returns on your investment.

Pet Grooming Franchise

During the past two years, the pet grooming industry has adapted and proven to be both pandemic- and recession-resistant; it’s now on track to reach $11.2 billion by 2027, achieving a CAGR of 7.5% over a seven-year period. With pet ownership on the rise, demand for grooming services has increased, presenting the perfect opportunity for burgeoning entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners alike. Pet owners who work from home have found themselves saving money on commuting, dry cleaning, dining out, and other work-related expenses, allowing them to redirect funds to pamper and provide extra care to their furry companions like never before. A mobile pet grooming franchise like Aussie Pet Mobile breaks out of the mold of old-school grooming facilities and brings all of the best aspects of the grooming experience directly to our clients.

The overall pet grooming industry is still highly fractured and primarily made up of small mom-and-pop outfits that may provide inconsistent services and or lack the capacity to accommodate multiple clients at a time. Many are also unable or unwilling to groom dogs above a certain weight limit, or that have aggression or mobility issues.

Aussie Pet Mobile combines the convenience of mobile pet grooming with a thoroughly modern and superior approach. Ranked as the No. 1 Pet Grooming Franchise by Entrepreneur, Aussie Pet Mobile delivers personalized grooming care for dogs and cats of all stripes directly to our clients’ driveways, providing a calm, professional experience for every pet and their owners.

Designed as a fully scalable business model, Aussie Pet Mobile franchises typically start with one fully equipped, eco-friendly grooming van, allowing franchise owners to build their business at their own pace. With more than 350 vans currently serving millions of dog and cat parents across the U.S., Aussie Pet Mobile presents the perfect opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs interested in owning the fastest growing pet franchise on the market.

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