Mobile Franchise: Why Brick & Mortar Isn’t Always Best

A mobile franchise has many advantages over a standard brick and mortar storefront. Learn more about the benefits of this type of franchise opportunity.

What is a Mobile Franchise?

This is typically defined as a type of business that operates out of a vehicle, rather than a traditional brick and mortar store. This can include food trucks, mobile salons, and even mobile pet grooming services. These types of businesses travel to different locations, providing services to customers where they are and on the go.

While many traditional businesses offer a fixed location for customers to visit, mobile franchises offer flexibility and convenience. Customers can receive services in a variety of locations, rather than being limited to a single storefront. Mobile businesses also have lower overhead costs, as they don’t need to pay for rent or utilities for a physical location.

A Better Option on Wheels

One of the biggest benefits of this type of franchise is the ability to reach a wider customer base. By traveling to different locations, these businesses can tap into new markets and attract customers who may prefer the convenience and adaptability of the products or services they require coming directly to THEM. Additionally, mobile franchises can save on overhead costs and have more flexibility in terms of scheduling and location.

Businesses that involve providing services at different locations, such as photography or event planning, can also be successful as mobile franchises. The key is to offer services that can be easily provided on the go and can be done in a variety of locations. Food trucks and mobile salons are popular on-the-go franchise options, as they can easily travel to different locations and provide services that consumers desire on a regular basis. Mobile pet grooming services are also a great option, as they can travel to customers’ homes and provide services in a convenient and comfortable setting for both the pet owners and the animals being pampered.

Get in the Driver’s Seat with Aussie Pet Mobile

In addition to the convenience of mobile services, customers are looking for a brand they can trust, especially when it comes to the health and well-being of their four-legged family members.

As a leading mobile pet grooming franchise, Aussie Pet Mobile leads the pack by utilizing energy efficient vehicles (lithium battery, climate-controlled Mercedes), addressing the needs of cats and larger and/or aggressive dogs, and dispensing the highest level of customer service available.

Each of our mobile pet grooming units is custom designed with air conditioning, heat, electricity, and water, and operates without outside electrical or water hookups. Our vans’ spacious interiors help pets maneuver easily and enhances the Groomer’s ability to ensure all of the pets’ (and human clients’) needs are met. Aussie Pet Mobile trained Groomers provide personal, 100% cage free, one-on-one attention to pets in the comfort of the pet owner’s driveway, which benefits everyone in some of the following ways: ​​

  • Reclaims the drive time to and from the shop​
  • Eliminates the drop-off & pick-up fuss​
  • Grooming wait-time is spent in the comfort of the home​
  • Reduces stress on pets and reduces stress on pet owners

For prospective franchise owners, Aussie Pet Mobile offers a unique set of benefits, such as flexibility, lower overhead costs, and the ability to reach a wider customer base. We also allow you to adapt to changing markets and be more responsive to new trends. Ranked as one of the top home-based and mobile pet grooming franchises on the market, there’s no better time to find out how you can hit the road with Aussie Pet Mobile.

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