Dog Grooming Franchises

Dog Grooming Franchises: 4 Reasons They’re The Best Pet Care Business

Are you contemplating your next investment venture? Pull up a seat, because the amount of money in the pet industry may knock you off your feet. Claim your stake in the lucrative pet care industry by opening a dog grooming franchise. 

Dogs May Drool, But They Also Rule

It’s no secret that dogs are America’s favorite pets. At 76.2%,  the majority of pet owners have dogs. As a result, the need for dog grooming is also extremely high. On average, the APPA says dog owners spend $1,480 on their pets annually. Dog grooming franchises are exceptionally lucrative due to the various services offered for all types of dogs. As a franchise owner, you can increase your cost of services depending on the dog’s weight and height. For households with more than one dog, you can create a bundle deal to help boost your revenue. Dog owners often ask for special shampoos and unique trimming requests, for instance. For specialty services, you can create add-ons to increase the original rate. 

The pet care business is booming, and Aussie Pet Mobile provides a means for investors like you to profit from this rewarding industry. Aussie Pet Mobile is the No. 1 pet grooming franchise on the Entrepreneur 500 List. Becoming a franchise owner with us allows you to work on your own schedule without the hassle and upkeep of maintaining a brick-and-mortar. Franchisees start with a state-of-the-art grooming van to make client appointments convenient and effortless. 

The Pet Industry is Booming

Americans spend a whopping $124 billion yearly on their four-legged friends. There are many factors contributing to this industry growth, including the increasing trend of humanization of pets, a rise in pet ownership, and the recognition of the benefits of pet therapy.

Dog grooming is an important market sector within the pet industry because it not only keeps dogs looking and smelling fresh, it’s also an important part of maintaining their overall health. Regular grooming helps prevent matting and skin irritation, and it can also alert you to any potential health issues. With more and more people recognizing the importance of grooming, it’s no surprise that the dog grooming industry is thriving.

Dog Grooming Franchises are Vital to a Dog’s Health

Dog grooming franchises are extremely profitable when you understand their need in your community. Dog grooming goes beyond cute outfits and extravagant hairstyles. Dog owners understand grooming expenses are a necessity, not just a luxury. Many are willing to pay top dollar for convenient pet care.

Pet owners are willing to pay extra for deep cleanings and trimming to expose rashes, lesions, and skin problems in an effort to detect health issues early. Understanding the need for groomers in your area will help you target the right market for your grooming business. 

Combine Passion with Profits

Do the perks of dog grooming franchise sound great, but you’re wondering if it’s the right fit for you? Having your own pet care business is a fantastic way to kick off your journey into entrepreneurship, especially if you’re already an animal lover. Creating your own hours, enjoying unlimited time off, and working in a multi-billion-dollar industry are even greater advantages when you get to work with animals every day. 

In addition to creating your own schedule, you’ll have access to resources independently owned pet businesses aren’t privy to. Aussie Pet Mobile provides franchisees with everything they need to become a success, such as: marketing assistance, scalable business models, training materials, and ongoing franchise support. 

Learn more about what it takes to run a mobile pet grooming business with Aussie Pet Mobile and consider the financial freedom of being your own boss. 

Consider Franchising with Aussie Pet Mobile

After weighing your options and listing out the pros of opening a pet care business, you finally decided it’s the right fit. Now, it’s time to get started, so you can start making profits. The earlier you start, the sooner you’ll gain traction with your new venture. We’re delighted to walk you through the steps and answer any questions you may have. Inquire now to get started.

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