Dog Grooming Business for Sale

Dog Grooming Business for Sale: 7 Questions to Ask Before You Buy

Interested in owning a dog grooming business for sale? Learn what to look for and what questions to ask before you invest.

Why This Industry

Aside from a love of animals, you may be asking yourself why investing in a dog grooming business for sale would be the right move for you. According to some studies, the U.S. pet grooming and boarding industry is currently valued at $10.9 billion, with the market size having grown substantially over the past five years.

Depending on how you choose to step foot into the industry, you can find many promising returns, both professionally and personally.

Should I Buy A Franchise?

If you’re interested in buying a dog grooming business for sale, one of the first questions you will likely consider is whether you should open your own business or join a franchise. There are benefits to each, but the upsides of franchising are immediate, consistent, and long-lasting. Franchises have built-in reputations, experience, and marketing know-how that independent businesses must develop on the fly. Because of this, franchises generally have higher success rates.

Since you are partnering with a brand, it is important that you do your research and identify the franchise that best aligns with your values and goals, providing you with a model that you’re proud to represent. Just as with an independent venture, you will own your own business and act as such, but you will benefit from a proven system, successful track record, and level of support that is not guaranteed when you go it alone.

How Much Is My Initial Investment and What Does it Cover?

A common misconception about franchising is that you’re simply paying to use a brand’s name. But the best dog grooming franchises are about so much more than a name. Initial franchise costs will include the franchise fee, marketing fees, training, equipment, and more. With a brand like Aussie Pet Mobile, investment costs are laid out plainly for prospective franchisees to consider, with itemized descriptions of how and where your money will be spent to help build your business. You will also know what you will be getting from your relationship with your franchisor, including a unique business model and support that goes above and beyond the typical franchise.

How Much Money Can I Expect to Make?

One of the best ways to determine a franchise’s potential profitability is by analyzing Item 19 of the Franchise Disclosure Document, which outlines the business’s financial performance. Item 19 is an optional disclosure under the Federal Trade Commission. Keep in mind that franchisors are prohibited from predicting or guaranteeing any financial results. Each franchisee is an independent operator and both reporting methods and the types of expenses taken will vary. Speaking with other franchisees is a good way to gain a fuller sense of the kind of return on investment you can anticipate.

Aussie Pet Mobile was founded in Australia in 1996 and pivoted toward franchising in the United States in 1999 to meet a growing demand and take the mobile pet grooming market by storm. As an industry standout,  Aussie Pet Mobile holds qualities and capabilities that competitors don’t possess, including our uniquely designed mobile grooming units and franchisee support designed to help the brand grow individually and as a whole.

Should I Have Previous Industry Experience?

Most of the best franchisors care less about your specific background than your passion and drive to succeed at your new business venture, and Aussie Pet Mobile is no different. If you possess an entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for quality service, and a willingness to learn, we’re ready for you.

What Should I Expect From The Franchisor?

Since you’re looking to buy a proven system, proper training in that system is essential to your success as a franchisee. This includes not only operational training, but also training in how to hire and train employees, financial management, and attract and retain customers.

Aussie Pet Mobile supports franchisees with a wealth of franchising experience. Our parent company, Home Franchise Concepts, is a leader across home services brands, and brings over 30 years of franchising experience, along with unmatched stability and leadership.

One of the greatest benefits of owing a franchise with Aussie Pet Mobile versus operating an independent business is the wealth of resources available to you. Ongoing support is in place long after you drive to your first customer.

Why Aussie Pet Mobile?

Unlike old-school groomers or mobile businesses that aren’t fully equipped to handle different or multiple animals, Aussie Pet Mobile prioritizes both pets’ and franchisees’ needs, utilizing fully equipped and energy-efficient vehicles that optimize the grooming experience.

If you’ve been curious about considering a pet grooming franchise, look into Aussie Pet Mobile and inquire now.

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