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Aussie Pet Mobile has grown to become the number one Pet Grooming Franchise on the Entrepreneur Franchise 500® list. Our franchise owners deliver professional, oneonone dog & cat grooming services right in their client’s driveway. We provide timesaving convenience to Pet Parents while providing a calming, attentive experience for their Fur Babies, free of the frenzy of brickandmortar facilities. We offer multiunit opportunities franchisees start with one grooming van and build out at their own pace with a plan to expand with generous territory configurations, making this a unique business opportunity to capitalize on.

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We Have Comprehensive Tools, Methods & Training
To Help You Build Your Business


While most begin with one Aussie Pet Mobile, our system allows you to expand regionally and build your dreams quickly.


We provide in-depth training for our franchise owners and for their groomers to ensure the success of their business.


We make sure you aren’t competing with other Aussie Pet Mobile owners. We work as a team to protect your territory.


Our grooming vans are the best in the business providing a mobile store-front that is pet-friendly and eco-friendly.


We partner with marketing specialists who have comprehensive methods, tools and training to help you build your clientele quickly and keep appointments booked.


Franchisees love the fact that a vast majority of clients become repeat clients. Our services are like a day-spa for pets.

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In this video you will hear firsthand from Franchise Owners, Pet Groomers, and Pet Owners, as they tell us their stories and what they love about Aussie Pet Mobile.

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Is your career being used to build wealth for others? Are you tired of working for people who often control your life, limit your prospects, or simply don’t value your expertise? What if life could be different? Your investment of time, talent, and ideas can provide a valuable service for your community while opening doors for your own future. Too often “others” control every aspect of our future. It may be time for you to step in and step up to take ownership of your own future. After all, it’s your life and only you can live it. Now may be the time for you not just to live your life, but to lead your life!

Designed to Help You Build A Future Of Financial Independence

If you want to gain control of your life, build a legacy, and work for a better financial future, you should consider whether Aussie Pet Mobile is your vehicle towards financial independence. With a modest initial investment and relatively low capital outlays, you can be on the road to a better future. Over the last 25 years, the Aussie Pet Mobile Franchise Model has provided effective and comprehensive methods, tools, and training. Our goal is to get you on the road to success quickly and help you grow your franchise.

Since 1996 We Keep 'em Clean 'n Cute

Aussie Pet Mobile’s National Advertising Fund is designed to increase top-of-mind awareness for our brand and includes an active presence online so that Pet Parents and their families call us first when their Fur Babies need to be groomed. We partner with marketing experts and use comprehensive methods and tools to help you book appointments so that you can build your clientele quickly. We also provide franchise owners all the necessary tools to aggressively market in their territories.

Ranked the #1 Pet Grooming Franchise on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500® list

Franchise Success Stories



I decided to buy into Aussie Pet Mobile because I really wanted to take control of my financial future. My previous role of construction project management was always dependent on the economy and on someone else finding a job for us to build out.

Since I joined Aussie Pet Mobile I have been able to grow my business from the ground up. I started off with one van and myself as owner/operator. I have been in business for 11 years and now have 11 grooming vans.



I found myself retired in the middle of 2020, and I realized I didn’t actually want to retire yet. But companies weren’t looking for an IT Director with as many years of experience as I had. So it finally hit me in late October that I needed to be in charge of a business myself.

Coming from the tech industry I never saw myself in the pet grooming business. But as I looked into the Aussie Pet Mobile Business Model I found that it was a great fit for me and my lifestyle.



I worked my way up to Vice President of Manufacturing at a company here in Cleveland. But the company made the decision to outsource the manufacturing, and we suddenly closed down.

When I became interested in Aussie Pet Mobile, I interviewed several other franchisees, and just knew that Aussie Pet Mobile was what I wanted to do. What job is more fun than growing your own business while working with pets? And after 4 and a half years running my franchise, I can definitely say that it was the right decision.

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